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XiŽan is: Terracotta Army in nearby Lintong (the expressway will take you there); 1000-year-old beautiful pagodas; a 2-million people agglomeration being an exciting mixture of several different architecture styles of ancient and modern China (including enormous shopping centre); on-line games played by thousands; and Lantern festival during celebration of Chinese new year. XiŽan is also great food influenced by Han and Hui culture, biking along the City Wall; or a trip to the Mount Hua, one of the “Five Secret Mountains” where several of famous Taoists lived. It can reach by cable car or by climbing (quite difficult one!).

XiŽan (once known as Chang'an), is a world-famous ancient capital of 13 Chinese dynasties, situated at the start of the Silk Road. Today it is political, economical and transportation centre of Shaanxi Province.

Among rare, countless treasures of the rich Chinese cultural heritage of the region, the most known in XiŽan are:
the two Wild Goose Pagodas, the Drum Tower and Bell Tower. Stele Forest Museum contains nearly 3,000 steles, mostly from Tang Dynasty, and a stroll in the Muslim District, another main attraction of the city, will tell about the Muslim minority still living in XiŽan.

However, XiŽan is worldwide known for its Terracotta Army, the buried army of Qin Shi Huang. This large archeological site is situated about 35 kilometers east of the city, in Lintong. Those 8,000 life-size terracotta warriors were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987.

XiŽan offers excellent shopping in one of the three mayor commercial centres. The city is also known for the largest net bar in the world, where more than 3000 computers. Xi'an has already hosted worldwide game competitions such as ACON5, CEG2006, and WCG2006.

Currency: Chinese renminbi, also known as Yuan (CNY).
Time zone: UTC (GMT)+8.
Driving: on the right side of the road. 
Electricity: 220-240V/50Hz.
Xian has a continental monsoon climate, which is warm and temperate. The highest temperatures ar to be expected in July, the coldest will be in January. The weather will be perfect for a visit in May or in early autumn, preferably September and October.


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